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FAQs from collaborations to guest posting

We do sell advertising spots directly and we may occasionally partner with reputable companies in our niche if we believe a collaboration provides a useful service for our readers. We commit to full transparency about any commercial relationships.

We may be open to collaborations with creators who produce valuable marketing-focused content and have an audience relevant to ours. However, our site is an educational resource, not an advertising platform. Any partnership must add value for our community. Please review our collaboration criteria before reaching out.

Yes, we actively welcome relevant guest posts from marketing industry experts. All contributor content must align with our editorial standards for quality information that ethically serves our readers. Please refer to our guest posting guidelines and reach out with your topic proposal.

Guest posts must be broadly related to ethical digital marketing, online advertising, social media strategy, content marketing, video marketing, influencer collaborations, affiliate programs, and similar subjects valuable to our entrepreneurial audience. Please check our contributor guidelines and existing site content prior to pitching so you understand our focus areas. We do not provide monetary compensation for guest articles.

Yes, we welcome relevant web-based tool, SaaS, or other resource submissions from industry professionals and technology providers. All tools published on our site must offer genuine utility to our readers without overly promotional messaging. Please provide key details like the purpose of your tool, intended user, key functions/output, and any data privacy policies. Our team will evaluate all qualifying submissions. There may be a fee payable for editorial or promotional services.

We do not currently have a formal content syndication program, however we’re open to republication requests for non-commercial uses with proper attribution. Articles may be reprinted in full after review, solely for educational purposes, on sites not employing ad revenue models or selling products/services directly related to our niche. Appropriate citation and links back must be included. Please reach out with details before using our content to confirm terms.