Strategic Search Marketing

More than just keywords – SEM is about driving qualified traffic and sales over the long-term

In an increasingly noisy and competitive digital landscape, having an effective search marketing strategy is imperative for businesses looking to connect with customers and drive online growth. But search is more than just pumping money into Google Ads – the most impactful search strategies weave together paid and organic channels into cohesive campaigns designed to deliver highly targeted, low-cost traffic that converts.

SEM focuses on driving targeted paid traffic to websites through campaigns on search engines and other advertising platforms. This traffic originates from searches where users have an immediate intent or need.

  • SEM campaign management ties together goals, budgets, analysis, and day-to-day optimization into one overarching strategy across paid platforms.
  • Compelling, conversion-optimized ad copy is written and rigorously A/B tested to motivate click-throughs at scale.
  • Dedicated landing pages aligned to ad copy and keywords convert visitors seamlessly thanks to thoughtful copy, design, layout, and conversion optimization.
  • Bid and budget management tactics maximize ROI by scaling the best performing areas of campaigns.
  • Negative keywords, expansion, and mining allow for smarter keyword targeting and management.
  • Proper campaign structure grouped by shared themes surfaces more granular data.
  • Analytics provide deep performance insight far beyond typical metrics to inform ongoing optimization.

Custom SEM strategies tailored to your business goals

More than just keywords – SEM is about driving qualified traffic and sales over the long-term

SEM brings together paid and organic search to connect with customers. This means aligning search campaigns through tools like Google Ads with organic efforts like on-page optimization. The goal is to provide relevant information to searchers.

Data-driven SEM solutions scaled to fit businesses of all sizes. We’ve helped small shops boost local conversions and global companies expand their reach.

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SEM Campaign Management

Oversees the big picture strategy and day-to-day optimization of SEM campaigns across paid search platforms like Google Ads. Encompasses ongoing analysis, bid adjustments, budget allocation, and ensuring campaigns remain aligned with overarching goals.

Ad Copywriting & Testing

Involves crafting compelling ad copy that motivates searchers to click and converting landing pages. We A/B test ad copy variables like headlines, descriptions, and display URLs to improve click-through-rates (CTR) and quality scores.

Landing Page Optimization

Creating dedicated landing pages aligned with SEM keyword targets and ad copy. This includes copy, design, layout, page speed, and conversion optimization practices tailored to visitor intent and business objectives.

Bid Management

Manages bids at the keyword and ad group levels to meet cost and conversion goals. Uses throttling strategies to automate bid adjustments. Ongoing bid analysis is key to account profitability.

Keyword Research

Identifies high-potential search queries that indicate user search intent to locate relevant topics and purchase interests. Expands reach through negative keywords and closely related keyword mining.

Ad Groups & Campaign Structure

Organizes keywords, ads, and landing pages within well-structured campaigns and ad groups based on shared themes and user intent signals. Improves quality scores and allows for more granular tracking.

Analysis & Reporting

Tracks and measures performance across meaningful SEM metrics beyond just clicks or rankings. Includes impression share, average position, click-through-rate (CTR), bounce rates, conversion rates, cost per acquisition, ROI, and more. Provides actionable insights.

Additionally, be sure to track website analytics related to on-site engagement, funnel conversion, attribution modelling, and lifetime value. Apply learnings into SEM campaign optimization and strategy.

By blending ongoing analysis, platform best practices, and conversion rate optimization into comprehensive SEM campaigns, brands can drive more of the right people to their site at a lower cost over the long term – leading to sustainable growth and profit.

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